How to find a roofer near you.

If you live in Fife, Dundee or Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland then we can help, we are roofers near you and we cover all of these areas, from Kirkcaldy to Musselburgh and from Brechin to Milnathort we can provide the best rated roofers near you.
You could also spend hours searching google for the best roofers near you and try to call through the endless list of roofers claiming to be the best roofer near you but thats a thankless task that often ends up with the wrong choice being made and costly roofing projects going wrong.
Get in touch with us for the best roofer near your area today or read below for some further advice on this search term.

Choosing the right roofer near you

You may be aware of people using the term “roofer near me” when they are searching google for a roof repair or a new roof replacement on their property.
The main reason for this “roofer near me” search term is 9/10 people want to use a local roofer, why should you be any different/ After all the advantages of using a local roofer or any local service tradesman are fantastic, you can easily get hold of them if required, you can go to speak to staff face to face without travelling miles and its probably cheaper for you to have your roof work carried out by a local roofer as distance need not be factored into the costs of your roof repair or roof replacement.

Here at Rated Roofing we are locally based throughout Fife, Dundee and Edinburgh and therefore we can assist with providing you with a roofer near you at any time of year to repair or replace any type of roof, simply fill in our easy to use form below and one of our expert roofing surveyors will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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Finding the right roofer near you

Ok so we have the benefits of using a local roofer on your new roof or roof repair but how do you go about finding the right roofer for the job?
Well first off i’d recommend doing some homework online and looking at reviews left by previous customers, be aware though not all reveiws are genuine and 1. look to see if they’re actually from the same country and not some call center on the other side of the world, 2. check for duplicate bad or good reviews, 3. ask the roofer about the reviews if you have any concerns.
Another suggestion would be to ask to see previous work the local roofer has done and ask if you can speak to the homeowners for a recommendation, a good referral speaks volumes.

At Rated Roofing we have numerous 5* reviews throughout Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee so if you request a free quote from us you will know your in safe hands.

Compare roofing quotes

You may also want to consider comparing roofers quotes.
Never find yourself pressured to accept a quote from a roofer that “has some materials left over” and can give you a cheapo job as most of the time a cheapo job is exactly what you’ll get, you’ll end up with more costly work later down the line if the work fails and you have no warranty to fall back on.
My advice is to get 3 quotes and weigh them up on scope of work, price of work, type of warranty and stability of company, ( never, ever go for the company that’s cheapest based on price alone).

Roofing contract

Once you’ve found a roofer and you’ve read the reviews and met some previous customers you’ll be ready to agree to accept his or her roofing quotation.
Go over the quote one more time with the roofer and make sure your both happy with the described work, the price and the length of warranty.
Once all is agreed you should request a written contract on copy paper where you can both sign an agreement and keep a copy each.
Remember once the work is complete request your warranty immediately and if your happy pay the roofer the total contract value.
You may also wish to leave the roofer a review on their website to let others know what to expect because someone , somewhere will be in the same boat as you were when you were looking for a ” roofer near me”

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