How much is a new tiled roof in Dundee

New tiled roof cost contributions

The price of a new tiled roof replacement in Dundee is determined by a numerous factors, some of which are shown here:

Legitimacy of the contracting company.
Materials used.
Scaffold costs.
Area roofer is based in.

These are a few of the main contributions to costs, if you employ a well established local roofer who uses the best of materials and brings in scaffold contractors who have a good reputation your roof will probably be more expensive than if you employed a new start company with their own scaffold and who had some materials left over from another job, but i dare say the local established roofer will give you a warranty you can rely on if needed where as the start up company may or may not be here in 6 months time.

It may be worth noting that there is an old saying, “cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best option”

Cost of renewing the roof on an average Dundee property.

Now you know where your money is roughly being spent on a new roof here are a few examples of costs per property:

End terrace ex council 3 bed- average cost £4000
Mid terrace ex council 2 bed- average cost £ 3800
Detached bungalow 4 bed with hipped roof – average cost £5500
Detached 2 storey 4 bed – average cost £5500
These are average costs of a new roof in Dundee and will obviously varey as stated above.
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