Do You Now Need A New Roof Or Can You Repair Your Roof Sufficiently

If your looking for advice on whether you need a new roof or if you can repair your existing roof we can help you, read below for more information.

Roof Repair And Replacement Advice

There will be a time that comes when you are trying to have your roof repaired and the contractor tells you its more economical to replace the roof rather than keep repairing it, this may be true so don’t automatically think that the roofer is trying to make a bigger job for themselves.

There’s a number of factors that will lead a roofer to have this opinion, some of the main ones are:

  • Water Damage Under Tiles To Boards
  • Tile Batons Rotten
  • Sarking Rotten
  • Membrane Burst Or Ripped
  • Old Horsehair Protection Deteriorated
  • No Felt
  • Nail Sick Slates
  • Overall Expense Of Repair
  • If any of the above are stated to you ask for photographic evidence and a written quotation on the required works.
    Most of the above works can be carried out without a replacement roof needed but its the cost of the required work against the cost of a new roof you have to weigh up and of course affordability.
    If the cost of a new roof isn’t too much more than the repairs and you can comfortably afford it you should possibly look further into that option as once you’ve had any repair work done your still going to have the existing roof you started with, and remember the roofer can only guarantee what they have worked on which can sometimes cause issues when trying to claim a warranty repair at a later date.
    If you need a roof repair or a new roof feel free to contact one of Fifes top rated roofers by clicking here- Rated Roofing Quotations.
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