New Roof Grants, New Roof Funding And Eco 3 Funding.

Update March 2020 : Council and government grants are no longer available, we can still supply and fit your new roof or repair but please be advised you will b e required to pay this back in small monthly instalments.

New Roof Grants

As homeowners we are probably all well aware of the amount of new roofs being installed by the various different council’s and housing associations around Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee just now.
Because of this we are often asked about roofing grants, funding and even eco roof funding and we understand why.
For the last few years landlords such as councils and the equivalent have been bringing their homes up to a standard where there is no damp or danger to health, this meant renewing wall roughcasting, windows, boilers and , more importantly for you, ROOFS.
The issue we all have today is that with all the recent cuts made over the last few years due towhatever the government has been doing with the countries finances the grants that were available for roof replacements from the local councils suddenly stopped leaving a lot of homeowners unable to afford to replace the roof om their home even if it was desperately needed.

Eco 3 New Roof Funding

Homeowners who couldnt afford to replace the roof on their home or didn’t want to spend the money on something that wasn’t broken often looked to past ECO schemes, ECO was introduced to bring homes up to a standard where they were not losing warmth through the walls and roofs and also to bring boilers up to an energy efficient level.
There were measure and funding available for roof replacements through ECO but these were mainly for flat roofs an room in roof insulation.
At the time of writing i cant see any reason why ECO would after all these years introduce slate or tiled roof replacements as a qualifying measure for funding.
All is not lost though………

New Roof Funding ( BNPL )

Ok so you’ve read above and are wondering ” if there are no grants and the government aren’t likely to release new roof funding as part of ECO what other options are there? “.
Let me explain what we can offer, so say for instance your roof is leaking and your worried what the costs will be as your working but only have a small income and tight budget, or , maybe your needing a new roof but have holidays planned or a wedding etc, what we can do is offer you our affordability package, basically you click the button below and arrange for one of our specialist roofing surveyors to come and carry out a survey on your roof, from there we will provide you with a quoted cost of replacement, next step will be a short application to see if you are a suitable candidate for a new roof replacement, and now the interesting part, if your successful (3 out of 4 people are) you can have a new roof fitted within 7 – 14 days with no cost to you for a full year and ZERO interest, basically if you can afford to pay for a new roof in 12 months you can have one straight away!
And if you cant afford to pay for a roof replacement in 12 months???? dont worry we can let you pay for it over 6 years!
Dont miss out this wont last forever.
Click this link for info : FUND MY ROOF