New Roof Funding, New Roofing Grants And Eco 3 Roof Replacements.

Update March 2020: There are no longer any government or council grants available across the UK; any roof replacements or repairs will require to be repaid in small monthly instalments.

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New Roof Finance

Please scroll down and request information on the roofing funding options available at the moment. We are happy to help with any funding/finance options you wish to inquire about throughout the United Kingdom. We are aware that a new roof can be required at an unexpected time and when a new roof is required its usually needed instantly so financial assistance on the funding of a new roof may be your only choice if this is the case get in touch with us today. We will arrange to call you back when it is convenient for you to talk.

What New Roof Grants Are Available?

There are no roofing grants available just now, but there are numerous ways of funding a new roof on your property.

We can help with a number of different funding options that are available to each individual applicant.

How Do I Apply For New Roof Funding?

Please fill out the form below, and one of our expert roofing surveyors will contact you as soon as possible.

Is There High Interest Payments On New Roof Installations?

This is a very large scale question, as every individual has different circumstances. The best way to discover what payments will be required is to request a call from ourselves or our trusted funding partners.

I Am Not In Receipt Of Any Benefits Do I Still Qualify For New Roof Buy Now Pay Later?

This help to buy roofing is available to everyone no matter their status; there will obviously be standard credit checks as with all installations of this type.

Is This A Government Grant For New Roofing?

No, unfortunately, we are aware of no grants, and that’s why we have set up this payment plan to help homeowners who need a new roof but can’t afford to fund it.

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It’s possible that you can have a new roof installed now and pay nothing for 12 months!
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